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Though the snow has been falling, temperatures are warming, and we are ready to meet your Spring Sports needs.

- - -  LACROSSE  - - - 

Yup, it's that time of year. Check out our HUGE selection of used and new STX, WARRIOR, MAVERIK, and BRINE sticks, helmets, cleats and protective.

Stringing got you in a bind?  Work with Caleb to have it strung with experience.  Just $15 per head.

OR String your own with our full selection of Hero, Stringking, East Coast Dyes, and STX mesh and stringing supplies.

- - -  BASEBALL + SOFTBALL  - - - 

Whether on a school team or local league, you can gather your gear from our used or new selection of EASTON, WILSON, DEMARINI, and RAWLINGS gloves, bats, cleats and protective.

- - -  BIKES, BIKES, BIKES  - - -

Some of us are getting pumped for Bike Season!  Are you?

This year's new rides are just starting to arrive.  Until the snow melts, ride around the shop to try one of the bikes in house, or wait til the sun shines, and we'll have all our new bikes from Trek and Giant and used bikes ready to go!